Sanitation Queen, An Environmental Activist was Celebrated on World Peace Day

On Monday 21st September, 2020, the world Peace day saw a colorful ceremony which was held on behalf of Ed-Hillary Leeward, Sanitation Ambassador branded as the Queen of Sanitation, an environmental activist and 2 others at the Ga Chiefs palace at Sowutuom, a suburb in the Greater Accra Region- Ghana.

The Queen was among 3 contestants who won a contest on World Peace day organized by UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION & YOUTH AND STUDENTS FOR PEACE. The tittle “YOUTH AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE” was installed on the Queen of Sanitation. The topic for the contest which saw the environmental activist, Ed-Hillary Leeward with other 2 contestants emerged as winners surrounded the UN SDG Goal number 13 (Climate Action).

It was a topic that was well addressed and saw 3 winners emerged as they took home awards. A tree was planted by the Queen of Sanitation and the organizers of the program to Mark and symbolize the peace of the day as there is this saying, “when the last tree dies, the last man dies.’ So the Queen planted a tree to protect the environment and to give us oxygen.

Smiles of memory embraced the Queen of Sanitation till today.

Colorful pictures of the event attached.