African Youth and Children Achievers

Who We Are

African Youth and Children Achievers is a Non-Governmental Organization which focuses on helping to tap talents in the YOUTH and CHILDREN to take up responsibilities in all fields and sectors in our country Ghana and Africa, as far as nation building is concerned. The NGO was registered on the 3rd July, 2018, at the Registrar Department under the Ghana companies Act, 1963 (Act 179).

Our Mission

As an NGO, we help to project the Youth and Children as well as help to build strong networks with the western countries, to take up center stage in developing and building Ghana and the entire African Continent. Strong and positive advocacy and very active participant with what we preach is our core function in order to change the negative mindsets of the youth and children, propelling them to become good citizens for the future, hence our goal.

We believe that, engaging and occupying the youth and children with positive activities of national interest at their youthful age, we stand the chance to build better human resources, who will be ready to know ahead of the challenges Ghana and the entire Africa country face, and be better prepared to solve them when the need arises.

Our vision

We make strong viable case, looking at the environmental problems and social vices at a particular time, addressing them in order to build a better Ghana and Africa. Our Organization’s activities deal with the foreign countries, the government sector, the Private Sector which includes the market folks, and all our religious bodies (Churches and the Mosques) with the main purpose of exchange programs in order to have a clean environment.

Nature of Business

The Queen of sanitation and peers has a task to see mother Ghana clean. Filth is not something good to live with. The end results are very devastating. DEDE says to change our attitude towards filth and knowing the business aspect of it, is the only way to keep Ghana and the Africa continent clean with effective education through good programs at the Schools, Churches, Mosques, market places, other functions, targeting the youth and children, are the only way out to fight this menace on bad sanitation Ghana and Africa face. In this regard, the Holy Book in proverbs chapter 22:6 says, train up the child the way he should go and when grows, he will never depart from it.

The Nature of Our Business

Good Sanitation Practices

Good Hygiene Practices


Campaign Against Open Defecation

Campaign Against Water Pollution

Campaign on Food Safety

Our Aim

1. TO CURTAIL DIRTY ENVIRONMENT: Dirty environment creates disorganized society. African Youth and Children Achievers programs gear towards creating a serene environment.

2. TO STOP THE ANNUAL RITUALS ON FLOODING: When it rains, due to the choked gutters, the communities get flooded. This causes death and destroys properties.

3. TO REDUCE MALARIA IN OUR SURROUNDINGS: Dirty and stagnant water breeds mosquitoes. Mosquito bite causes malaria and malaria kills.

4. TO STOP CHOLERA IN OUR ENVIRONMENT: Dirty and contaminated water give Cholera. This also kills.

5. TO STOP TYPHOID FEVER: Dirty environment and contaminated water lead to high fever, diarrhea and vomiting. This kills as well.

6. TO SAVE GOVERNMENT RESOURCES: Government will save money to build schools and create jobs when the environment is clean due to the huge sums of government resources spend on sanitation.

7.  TO CREATE GOOD ENVIRONMENT FOR TOURIST ATTRACTION: When we have clean environment, tourist are likely to pay more visit to Ghana. This earns the nation huge foreign exchange.

8. CREATE JOB OPPORTUNITY AWARENESS: Waste segregation which leads to recycling creates jobs through innovation and technology for citizens in a nation. Ghanaian youth and children are ready to embark on this fruitful Journey

9. TO ATTRACT FOREIGN COMPANIES INTO GHANA: Foreign investors realizing the investment Ghana has made in the waste segregation sector will bring in foreign companies into the country to invest and create jobs for the Ghanaian citizens.